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NYZ, Dharma Talk on Shin Buddhism, Monday, April 14, 7-9pm. Rev. Miki Nakura will offer instruction and lead a short seiza meditation session. He will then give a talk in English on the teachings of Shinran Shonin, whose influential teachings form the core of Jodoshinshu (True Pure Land) Buddhism; there will be time after for questions and discussion. All are welcome to join. There is no admission fee, though a donation would be greatly appreciated.

DBZ, Intro to Zen, April 18 - 20. Introduction to Zen weekends at Dai Bosatsu offer a unique opportunity to experience an in-depth introduction to Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice in a monastic environment. The program will begin on Friday in the late afternoon with a thorough orientation; we will then focus intensively throughout the weekend on central elements of Zen practice--zazen (sitting posture and breathing), chanting, formal procedures for meals, and work practice. A Dharma talk will be given by our abbot Shinge Roshi on Saturday evening; she will meet with participants for a question-and-answer period Sunday morning, and the weekend will conclude with an informal lunch on Sunday afternoon.

NYZ, Buddha's Birthday All-Day Sit, April 19, 8am-5pm. Please join us as we come together to celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. In addition to the regular rounds of zazen and kinhin, the schedule will include a Mandala Day chanting service and the annual Bathing the Baby Buddha ceremony. Hokuto Dan Diffin will again offer Dharma interviews and a Dharma talk. Hokuto will continue to explore his basic curriculum for Zen training, “Zen Buddhism by the Numbers.” This talk will take up number 5: the five skandhas, Five Grave Precepts, Five Degrees of Enlightenment. Doors open at 7:15 a.m. There will be a formal lunch served in the zendo. A suggested donation of $30 for members or $40 for nonmembers is appreciated. For more information, please email New York zendo office, or call (212) 861-3333.

NYZ, Hatha Yoga for Students of Zen, April 26, noon-1:00 PM. Krystal Stone offers a workshop focusing on poses that increase flexibility in the hips and knees and build strength in the core muscles, creating a foundation for stronger and more pain-free zazen. Krystal, a longtime ZSS sangha member, was awarded her yoga teacher certification in 2009 from the Integral Yoga Institute. The fee for the workshop is $20. All students should bring a yoga mat. For more information, email Krystal.

NYZ, Zen and Yoga Weekend, April 25 - 27. Regain your own natural rhythm and reconnect with yourself and with nature at this inspiring yoga/meditation retreat. Immerse yourself in two daily yoga sessions, pranayama, and Zen meditation. Refresh your spirit by taking a leisurely walk around the lake, or hike through 1,400 acres of unspoiled forest. No previous experience with yoga or Zen practice is required; all are welcome and warmly invited. An introduction to Zen meditation will be offered for those who wish to attend. Please arrive on Friday by 4pm for our opening Yoga Blend Restorative class and optional meditation; depart on Sunday at 2pm, and return home renewed and refreshed.

DBZ, Nyogen Senzaki Sesshin, Saturday-Thursday, May 3 - 8

NYZ, Nyogen Senzaki All-Day Sit, Saturday, May 24, 8am-5pm

DBZ, Samu Weekend, Friday-Sunday, May 30 - June 1

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