Dai Bosatsu Zendo Calendar

Events and dates are subject to change. Please call (845) 439-4566 for reservations.

Important Sesshin Notice: Please arrive by 4 pm the day that sesshin starts. Also, note that although 7-day sesshins officially end on Saturday evenings (except Anniversary and Rohatsu), you may stay overnight and leave the following day.

JUL till AUG 24   Summer Open Space Work Exchange  
  28–31 Tue–Fri O-Bon Samu Week  
AUG 1–2 Sat–Sun O-Bon $250
  21–23 Fri–Sun Family Weekend  
SEP 11–13 Fri–Sun Samu Weekend  
SEP 11–13 Fri–Sun Yoga and Zen Weekend  
  16 Wed Kessei Opening  
  26–Oct 3 Sat–Sat Golden Wind Sesshin $425
OCT 16–18 Fri–Sun Samu Weekend  
NOV 3–7 Tue–Sat Harvest Five-Day Sesshin $350
  20–22 Fri–Sun Intro to Zen Weekend $225
  26–27 Thu–Fri Thanksgiving Celebration Donation
  30–DEC 8 Mon–Tue Rohatsu Sesshin $500
DEC 9 Wed Kessei Closing  
  31–JAN 1 Thu–Fri New Year's Celebration  
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