Dai Bosatsu Zendo Calendar

Events and dates are subject to change. Please call (845) 439-4566 for reservations.

Important Sesshin Notice: Please arrive by 4 pm the day that sesshin starts. Also, note that although 7-day sesshins officially end on Saturday evenings (except Anniversary and Rohatsu), you may stay overnight and leave the following day.

JUN 27–JUL 5 Sat–Sun Anniversary Sesshin $425
JUL 5 Sun Kessei Closing  
  17–19 Fri–Sun Samu Weekend  
JUL till AUG 24   Summer Open Space Work Exchange  
  28–31 Tue–Fri O-Bon Samu Week  
AUG 1–2 Sat–Sun O-Bon $250
  21–23 Fri–Sun Family Weekend  
SEP 11–13 Fri–Sun Samu Weekend  
SEP 11–13 Fri–Sun Yoga and Zen Weekend  
  16 Wed Kessei Opening  
  26–Oct 3 Sat–Sat Golden Wind Sesshin $425
OCT 16–18 Fri–Sun Samu Weekend  
NOV 3–7 Tue–Sat Harvest Five-Day Sesshin $350
  20–22 Fri–Sun Intro to Zen Weekend $225
  26–27 Thu–Fri Thanksgiving Celebration Donation
  30–DEC 8 Mon–Tue Rohatsu Sesshin $500
DEC 9 Wed Kessei Closing  
  31–JAN 1 Thu–Fri New Year's Celebration  
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